She Who Overcomes

She Who Overcomes

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25: Maximizing Full Potential and Going After What You Want with Patrick Metzger
September 02, 2019

“Just start taking action. Don’t wait for motivation because it is fleeting. Just take action. And as you accomplish that you’ll build a little bit more confidence. Over time that compounds and before you know it you are maximizing full potential.

24: Bringing Awareness To Your Relationship with Food with Laura Moss, Eating Psychology Coach
August 26, 2019

Ask Laura Moss what she’s passionate about, and she’ll tell you “I’m passionate about shifting the diet culture AWAY from the outdated science of calories in/calories out, restriction, and punishing exercise and TOWARD empowering women to bring awarene...

23: Let’s Get You Back On Track – 2019 Reality Check
August 19, 2019

How are your 2019 goals going so far? Depending on your personality type, that question might freak you out a bit. This year hasn’t gone at all like I originally planned and dreamed it would back in December of 2018 when I filled out my life and busine...

22: Balancing It All with Jess Bianchi of LXV Clothing
August 12, 2019

Jess Bianchi – a 26 year old wife and mother living with cystic fibrosis – recently launched a clothing company called LXV Clothing. We met through Instagram just a few months ago and I am so thrilled to have her on the show today!

21: The Unintended Danger of Accountability with Raychel Perman
August 05, 2019

Overcomers…assemble! I’ve always wanted to say that. wink Today’s episode is an in depth conversation with Raychel Perman, my best friend and business partner. We’ve been Coaches for nearly a decade, and there’s something we’ve noticed that must be add...

20: Living Out Loud with Lara Govendo
July 29, 2019

“When you have nothing left to lose, you have everything to gain.” These are the wise words of my dear friend, Lara Govendo. During a recent conversation together, we journeyed through her experience of overcoming respiratory failure and a double lung ...

19: 3 Quick Tips to Build Your HOPE
July 22, 2019

“I’d love to have tips on how to build your hope in good times and in bad.” Have you ever wondered this? If you’re like my friend, Stephanie, then you’re going to LOVE this episode! Grab your coffee and let’s hang out as I share with you 3 Quick Tips t...

18: How Do You Grow A Deep Faith?
July 15, 2019

“How did you grow your faith so deep? What was your first step?” This was one of the best questions I’ve ever been asked in a private coaching session. You guys…I’m still a messy work in progress. I don’t pretend to have the best or deepest faith.

17: A Success Story About Open Adoption with Jen Winterberg
July 08, 2019

Have you ever considered adopting a child? If so, you know how tough the decision can be on whether or not you want an open adoption or a closed adoption. And if you’re just getting started on your journey of learning about adoption,

16: 3 Lies About Giving Yourself Grace
July 01, 2019

Grace and Courage are my theme words for 2019. Grace is something I spent time learning several years ago, but I’m discovering that this year I’ve got room to grow in. So today we are going to chat about some lies I’ve discovered about giving yourself ...