She Who Overcomes

She Who Overcomes

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35: The Making Of A Hero – CF Foundation Speaker Highlight
November 18, 2019

What makes a hero? My parents have both told me at different points of time that I am their hero. I really don’t feel like a hero so this got me thinking about what it means to BE one. The dictionary describes a hero as someone who “is noted for courag...

34: A Conversation About Mental Health with Kelly Sisson
November 11, 2019

A voice of encouragement is so refreshing in this day and age. My guest today, Kelly Sisson, is one of those voices. Her podcast, Kelly And The Encouragers, is becoming one of my favorites – seriously look it up on Apple Podcast!

33: 2020 Goal Planning with Raychel Perman
October 28, 2019

I’m a geek when it comes to planning. I love to dream and plan – not only for my own life, but also for my business. Anyone else with me? Well, today on the show I have my bestie, Raychel Perman, with me as we chat a bit about 2020 Goal Planning.

32: A Little Bit, Every Day
October 21, 2019

What does it mean to do a little bit, every day? It takes consistency. Let’s get real for a moment…Where do you want to be a year from now? If we don’t take consistent action every day, part of our belief will die.

31: Get A Grip On Your Stress
October 14, 2019

Let’s think of this episode as a coaching session between you and I. I’m going to share with you a set of questions that can help get a grip on your stress. But I need to you to make a deal with me, okay? I’m going to need you to carve out 10 minutes a...

30: How I Went from 22% to 80% Lung Function without a Transplant
October 07, 2019

Disclaimer: This episode is a personal story of mistakes I made and the actions I took to get back on track. The Content shared is not intended to be a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment.

29: Life Lessons from Running a Half Marathon with Cystic Fibrosis
September 30, 2019

One of my big personal goals for 2019 was to run a half marathon. Somewhere along the path of my 10k race in October 2018 I came up with the crazy idea. I figured that if I could run a 10k, maybe I could actually finish a half marathon,

28: Personal Branding with Social Media Expert, Dr. Jennifer Bennett
September 23, 2019

Allow me to introduce you to my friend, Dr. Jennifer Bennett. She is a social media expert and influencer with a heart for people! Our conversation in this episode dives into what personal branding really is,

27: Staying Positive Through Uncharted Waters with Award-Winning Author, Kat Socks
September 16, 2019

“Where am I going to find the time to write a book or publish a book or market a book? I had to look at the time I was spending doing other things.” ~Kat Socks Have you ever wanted to write a book, but you didn’t know where to start? Well,

26: I’m Burnt Out…Now What?
September 09, 2019

I’m Burnt Out…Now What? Yep, it’s true. I have been burnt out and I’ve been doing some self-reflection to figure out what to do about it. This is something that almost every person on the planet experiences at least once in their life: burn out.