She Who Overcomes

She Who Overcomes

24: Bringing Awareness To Your Relationship with Food with Laura Moss, Eating Psychology Coach

August 26, 2019

Ask Laura Moss what she’s passionate about, and she’ll tell you “I’m passionate about shifting the diet culture AWAY from the outdated science of calories in/calories out, restriction, and punishing exercise and TOWARD empowering women to bring awareness to the relationships they have with their bodies, with food, and with movement in order to make healing, nourishing choices for themselves.”

I’ve had the wonderful honor of helping Laura grow her business and I can’t wait for you to meet her in this episode! We talk about fat-shaming, skinny-shaming, the idea of good v. bad food, how to bring awareness to your relationship with food and so much more! Grab your coffee and get ready for a great conversation that is sure to help you bring more awareness into your life.

Connect with Laura:

Laura Moss is a gifted and passionate wellness coach who has overcome many of her own health challenges (including breast cancer and a host of autoimmune issues) using the powerful and practical tools she generously shares with her amazing clients. She is an engaging speaker who seeks to encourage women to stand up and take up their space in the world by healing the relationships they have with their bodies, food, and wellness. She received her certifications in Eating Psychology and Mind Body Nutrition from the Institute for Eating Psychology and is constantly researching new info to bring even more value and benefit to her brilliant clients.

* Connect with her online at* Instagram:* Facebook: @nourish.coach1* Twitter: @CoachNourish

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