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She Who Overcomes

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40: Two Books That Impacted Me In 2019
December 23, 2019

Welcome back to the Book Club Series! This is the last episode of 2019 so let’s dive into two books that have impacted me this year. I’ve picked one fiction book and one financial/mindset book. BOTH impacted me greatly and should be added to your perso...

39: Year End Review
December 17, 2019

Hello Overcomers! I am thrilled to spend time with you today. Let’s pretend that we are having coffee in my office for your own, personalized coaching session, shall we? This episode is all about reviewing how your 2019 went and what you want to step i...

38: Braving The Wilderness (Book Club Series)
December 09, 2019

She kept holding my hand and placed her other hand on top of mine. “You’re doing important work. Keep doing it. Keep talking about your work. Don’t stop and don’t let anyone get in your way.” Then she squeezed my hands and said, “Do not be moved,

37: What To Do When Your Attitude Sucks
December 02, 2019

What do you do when your hope is deferred and you start to feel like no one notices? I’ve been in a vortex of avoidance lately because of hope deferred, and what it really came down to was this: my attitude sucked. Ever been there yourself?

36: The Spoon Theory
November 25, 2019

“I have no spoons left to deal with this.” That’s a phrase my bestie used on a weekend girls trip to Minneapolis a few months ago. “No spoons? What does that mean?” I pondered out loud. Raychel then proceeded to explain to me The Spoon Theory.

35: The Making Of A Hero – CF Foundation Speaker Highlight
November 18, 2019

What makes a hero? My parents have both told me at different points of time that I am their hero. I really don’t feel like a hero so this got me thinking about what it means to BE one. The dictionary describes a hero as someone who “is noted for courag...

34: A Conversation About Mental Health with Kelly Sisson
November 11, 2019

A voice of encouragement is so refreshing in this day and age. My guest today, Kelly Sisson, is one of those voices. Her podcast, Kelly And The Encouragers, is becoming one of my favorites – seriously look it up on Apple Podcast!

33: 2020 Goal Planning with Raychel Perman
October 28, 2019

I’m a geek when it comes to planning. I love to dream and plan – not only for my own life, but also for my business. Anyone else with me? Well, today on the show I have my bestie, Raychel Perman, with me as we chat a bit about 2020 Goal Planning.

32: A Little Bit, Every Day
October 21, 2019

What does it mean to do a little bit, every day? It takes consistency. Let’s get real for a moment…Where do you want to be a year from now? If we don’t take consistent action every day, part of our belief will die.

31: Get A Grip On Your Stress
October 14, 2019

Let’s think of this episode as a coaching session between you and I. I’m going to share with you a set of questions that can help get a grip on your stress. But I need to you to make a deal with me, okay? I’m going to need you to carve out 10 minutes a...