SHEnanigans with Christine & Jenn

SHEnanigans with Christine & Jenn

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“The Dreaded C-Word”
September 16, 2021

Our incredible guest, Jess Leip, bravely shares a journey she never anticipated. How she LIVES life to the fullest, focuses on being an incredible mom, wife, friend and human while listening to her bo

“Trust Me, I’m a Doctor”
September 02, 2021

How to attempt to navigate through a pandemic both professionally and personally. Megan Turchetti, Psy.D, candidly and openly chats with Christine and Jenn regarding her raw experiences as a child psy

F**ks (it’s ‘forks’!) in the Road: Thirty-Somethings
August 19, 2021

Christine and Jenn reminisce about difficult paths taken, baby-making, colossally bad dates, love, loss and all the rollercoasters encompassing their 30’s.

Spilling The Tea with our PSG (pocket-sized gay)
August 04, 2021

Guest Steve Pellerin banters with Christine and Jenn while sharing his clever, riveting and meaningful philosophies on living your best life with true authenticity.

Just The Tip
July 22, 2021

Jenn and Christine chat and laugh about their 20’s, the start of careers, independence, the club scene, life and love in New York and Boston and the impact of life-altering events.

Fake ID’s and PLC’s (poor life choices); The College Years
July 08, 2021

The art of juggling classes, jobs, relationships, concerts, bad hair, parties and the inability to handle alcohol. Take a trip back to the 90’s and join us for some laughs at our expense. It’s sure to

Terrible, Thanks for Asking
June 23, 2021

Our first guest, Kim Redman, is a witty and charismatic Boston ER nurse who has seen it all during Covid, but also concurrently lived through a traumatic, life changing event. She has a brilliant way of telling her story which evokes raw emotion with h...

Awwkward: Shenanigans are Born
June 09, 2021

This episode revisits when Christine and Jenn meet as ‘tweens in a small, rural town in Maine. It encompasses all the self-deprecating humor and awkwardness that accompanies coming of age.

Jenn’s Story
May 27, 2021

June 19th: A day that changed her life forever. It was a beautiful Spring day, but she intuitively knew something was terribly wrong. This was the day that changed everything; the way she lives, loves and continues to fight to defend the silver lining.

Christine’s Story
May 18, 2021

Four healthy boys. One day can change everything. This is the incredible story of the moving and tragic journey of six year old, Devin. He inspired an entire community (Devin’s Army) and got National and Global recognition through his playful spirit an...