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Shear Crime

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Minne-Sode #6: Haile Kifer & Nicholas Brady
November 10, 2021

On this week’s Minnesota based episode, Kenzie shares the story of the murder of Haile Kifer and Nicholas Brady. In 2012 on Thanksgiving in Little Falls, the two cousins decided to break into the home of Byron Smith, a 65-year-old recluse. With a backgrou

42: "Killer Cases - Murder in the Barnyard"
October 27, 2021

On this week's episode, Kenzie and Ame cover the case of Todd Mullis in the series Killer Cases on Hulu. Todd and his wife Amy lived in and operated a hog farm in rural Iowa along with their three children. What looked like a happy marriage to the fa

41: "The Killer Speaks - Maksim Gelman"
October 13, 2021

On this week's episode, Ame and Kenzie cover the story of Maksim Gelman from the A&E series The Killer Speaks. At 23-years-old, Max, who went by Wes on the streets, was a cocaine dealing and PCP using character with visions of grandeur. One day i

40: "Accused - Bryan Lawson"
September 29, 2021

On this week's episode, Kenzie and Ame share the story of Bryan Lawson, a man who shot and killed his wife in their small apartment. The A&E series Accused: Guilty or Innocent follows those convicted of crimes that aren't so black and white.

BONUS: Birth Story & Ireland Trip!!
September 22, 2021

What have we been up to, you ask? Or maybe you didn't...either way, we are throwing in this bonus episode to give you the details of the major events that occurred in the month of August: the birth of Gabriel, and the incredible trip to Ireland! Whil

39: "Vanessa Guillen - Remember Her Name"
September 15, 2021

This week, Ame and Kenzie cover the brand new documentary Vanessa Guillen: Remember Her Name. Vanessa was a 20-year-old United States Army soldier who was brutally murdered inside Fort Hood in Killeen, Texas on April 22, 2020. After having been missing fo

38: "Cults & Extreme Belief - Jehovah's Witnesses"
September 01, 2021

Kenzie and Ame dive in this week to another episode from the A&E series Cults and Extreme Belief: Jehovah's Witnesses. While many are familiar with the nicely dressed and friendly faces who may have come to your door offering religious pamphlets,

Minne-Sode #5: Mary Stauffer
August 18, 2021

This week, Ame shares the story of the kidnapping and torture of high school math teacher Mary Stauffer. On May 16th, 1980, Mary and her 8 year old daughter were leaving a beauty salon in Roseville when a man appeared out of nowhere and forced the two int

37: "The Killer Speaks - Levi King"
August 04, 2021

This week on Shear Crime, Ame and Kenzie share the wildly unknown case of ice cold Levi King. At the age of 23, this rage filled young man breaks into his abusive father's gun cabinet and takes off on a 24-hour rampage armed with an AK47, a 9MM handg

36: "Tread"
July 21, 2021

Kenzie and Ame are back with another full length episode! This week, the girls cover the Netflix documentary Tread. Marvin Heemeyer was a master welder with his own muffler shop in a small town in the mountains of Colorado. After being pushed to his break