The Shawon Mike Podcast

The Shawon Mike Podcast

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Husker Football Season is Over! What Now: Transfer Portal and More!
December 14, 2021

Husker Football Season Reaction, Offseason Moves, and Transfer Portal News

Husker Reaction after the WI loss. Iowa preview
November 23, 2021

My reactions and take on the game, season outlook as well.

Frost Gets Another Year and Ohio State Reaction
November 09, 2021

Reaction to Scott Frosts restructured contract and the firing of 4 assistants. Ohio State game reaction.

Purdue loss reaction
November 03, 2021

Hear my take on the game, hear my perspective of a Husker fan during tough times.

Husker Loss @ MN Reaction. We look at recent Husker years.
October 19, 2021

My take on the MN game and a look back on recent Husker Football years.

Reaction After the Huskers Loss Vs Michigan
October 12, 2021

My reactions after the loss and a preview of the MN game.

Huskers Win 56-7 Over NW
October 05, 2021

My reactions to the game and a preview of the game vs Michigan up ahead.

Huskers Heartbreaking MI State Game
September 28, 2021

My reaction to the MI State game and preview of the NW game

College Football Thoughts and My Fantasy Football Hard Times
September 24, 2021

My preview of ND-WI. Love thoughts on Wake Forest-VA. Clemson-NC State thoughts, fantasy football troubles, and Cowboys-Eagles.

Nebraska-Oklahoma Reaction
September 21, 2021

Takes on the recent Husker-Sooner Football Game