Sermons and Devotions at Grace Lutheran Church, Lexington, MO

Sermons and Devotions at Grace Lutheran Church, Lexington, MO

Latest Episodes

Septuagesima: Grace is Undeserved
February 05, 2023

We rejoice that we are saved by grace through faith in Christ. Jesus teaches His gracious ways through the Parable of the Workers in the Vineyard.

Transfiguration: Cleverly Devised Myths or the Sure Prophetic Word?
January 29, 2023

As Gods people, shall we listen to cleverly devised myths or the sure prophetic word? Listen to the sermon for the Transfiguration of our Lord at Grace Lutheran Church, Lexington, MO.

Epiphany 3: The Word and Faith
January 22, 2023

God works faith in Christ through the Word. Faith receives the blessings of Christ. Hear more about the importance of faith and the Word in todays service at Grace Evangelical Lutheran Church, Lexingt

Second Sunday after Epiphany: Loving Our Spouse in Christ
January 15, 2023

Jesus extols marriage by His presence and miracle at the wedding at Cana, the first of His miracles. Listen to the blessings we have in marriage and the lesson to love our spouses in Christ.

The First Sunday after Epiphany: Loving our Children in Christ
January 08, 2023

Mary and Joseph serve as excellent examples for all parents. Also, theres an important connection between Jesus and the Passover. Hear of these things when Jesus is found in the Temple at age twelve.

The Epiphany of our Lord: The Magi as Examples of Faith
January 06, 2023

Epiphany is a continuation of our Christmas celebration. Listen to the service at Grace Lutheran Church, Lexington, MO on January 6, 2023.

The First Sunday after Christmas: Simeon and the New Year
January 01, 2023

The Gospel for the First Sunday after Christmas includes the account of Simeon. Listen to how this account ties into the new year and our everyday lives.

The Name and Circumcision of our Lord: Luke 2:21 and the New Year
December 31, 2022

Three important details are found in Luke 2:21 and they can be applied to the reality that we are entering a new year. Listen to the service at Grace Evangelical Lutheran Church in Lexington, MO.

Christmas Day: What Can Ruin Christmas?Christmas Day:
December 25, 2022

Many people figure Christmas can be ruined by the circumstances in their lives. But when we realize what the real Christmas is, then we also realize nothing can ruin Christmas.

Christmas Eve: Merry Christmas!
December 24, 2022

Merry Christmas! But what Christmas do you mean? Listen to the different views on Christmas and take comfort in Christ through the real Christmas.