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Sensible People

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S2 28 | The Two of Us
September 09, 2019

With Mandi B on vacation Raw Dog and Tay are left alone to talk gambling, sex, and living at home. Raw Dog reiterates his desire for yellow rain and the duo play a game of “Ask Raw Dog,” this time with the soon-to-be dad Tay getting the inside scoop on...

S2 27 | Sensible Foursome
August 26, 2019

For the first time, season 2’s co-host Mandi B and season 1’s co-host Amber join Raw Dog and Tay in one big happy family. As the trio catches up with miss Amber, Tay’s got a big personal announcement and Raw Dog shares what the best after-sex song is.

S2 26 | A Jaw Like Jon Hamm
August 12, 2019

Raw Dog and Tay tell a story about crushing beers next to a lady with a chiseled jaw. Mandi B whines about her latest sex woes. Is too much sex really too much sex? Raw Dog’s in a mood to rant and then battles Mandi B in a game hosted by Tay of “Erased...

S2 25 | Cowboy Butts Drive Me Nuts
July 29, 2019

Raw Dog’s turning into a country bumpkin and Tay has something to say about it. Mandi B showed up in studio with some bruises to explain and then gives some beauty advice to the female members of #SensibleNation. The trio is joined by Todd Wishnev,

S2 24 | Raw Dog 3.0
July 15, 2019

Mandi B brings Tay a punishment in a bag, The curse of Raw Dog’s first time jitters has finally been snapped and wacky Alan pops in for a chance to defend himself for getting lost. Tay goes on a rant about unsensible occurrences of late and then everyb...

S2 23 | Sex, Drugs and Rock & Roll (with Ralph Sutton)
July 01, 2019

This episode the Sensible trio is joined by a dude that understands what sells. Hear from Ralph Sutton of the SDR show and laugh with us about some of the wilder things that he’s come across during his tenure in media.

S2 22 | Either Way... Here's Alan!
June 17, 2019

Sensible People got a lot wackier with the addition of their new sidekick and content contributor Alan. Alan gets some airtime to share his quirkiness and even brought his own game to entertain the trio with. Before Alan joins the set,

S2 21 | Real Sensible People
June 03, 2019

A tip of the cap to the old Bud commercials, we spotlight people with profound sensibility. You can find Tay playing matchmaker these days, this time for his good pal Raw Dog. Plus, things get a little awkward as a tale of drama is told regarding our v...

S2 20 | The Makeover
May 20, 2019

Consequences are not forgotten on Sensible People as Tay starts off the episode by delivering Raw Dog and Mandi B’s punishment for tying in last episode’s game. Mandi B’s search for a sugar daddy was quicker than one could expect and Ryan details his l...

S2 19 | Sugar Daddies, Leg Braces and Charleston Chews
May 06, 2019

Mandi B’s in search of a sugar daddy, but will her leg braces and Charleston Chews hold her back? Raw Dog updates the world on whether or not his masturbation video went viral and Tay paid a kid to chew his tongue until it bled.