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Coming Home To Self
December 01, 2023

Today on Sense of Soul podcast I have one of my soul sisters with me, joining me from the other side of the world in Norway, Kamilla Visnes.Kamilla connected me about two years ago, she was a liste

Journey to Wholeness
November 27, 2023

Today on Sense of Soul we have Alex Boianghu he has been a psychotherapist for over 30 years, he has had the honor and privilege of working with individuals, couples, and families providing holistic s

The Divinity of Symbolism
November 24, 2023

Today on Sense of Soul we have my sweet lightworking friend, Tina Marie Fleming, founder of Vibe With Tina Marie. She is a Psychic Energy Translator, Reiki Master Teacher & Birth and Death Doula.

God Talk with Neale Donald Walsch
November 20, 2023

Today on Sense of Soul one of my favorite humans is joining me again, Neale Donald Walsch! He is the best selling author of the "Conversations with God" series. To many who have read his inspiring boo

Rising Above and Beyond Rejection
November 17, 2023

Today on Sense of Soul Podcast we have, Caitlin Spears she is a certified health and nutrition coach, fitness coach, and founder of founder ofComplete by Caitlin. At 18 she experienced a painful reje

Combining Western and Eastern Ancient Wisdom
November 13, 2023

Today on Sense of Soul we have Padma Aon Prakasha he is a wisdom author, vibrational media creator, visionary pioneer and public speaker bringing together ancient wisdom and modern science. He is a ma

King Cash Demon Hunter Starseed
November 10, 2023

Today on Sense of Soul we have Vincent Cassius Cain, aka "King Cash! He is a Demon Hunting, Astral Protecting, Lyran Starseed, Intuitive, who is on a mission for the Galactic Federation of Light to b

Coach Ajit Nawalkha Living From Your Favorite Self
November 06, 2023

Today on Sense of Soul we have Ajit Nawalkha. He is a leading voice in the coaching space, an founder of Evercoach and the Dharma Coaching Institute. He is an author and host of the Master Coaching wi

Self Discovery and Healing to Overcome Limitations
November 03, 2023

Today on Sense of Soul Podcast we have, Amy Robeson she is the hosts the popular Awakening with Amy Robeson podcast, which resonates with a diverse audience of spiritualists, creatives, healers, and c

The Tarot Lady
October 30, 2023

Today on Sense of Soul we have Theresa Reed, also known as The Tarot Lady, she is a world-renowned Tarot reader and expert who has been reading and teaching Tarot for close to 30 years. Some of the