The Elephant in the Dome

The Elephant in the Dome

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The Elephant in the Dome Podcast: Cultivate Washington
November 14, 2023

11/14/2023 Senators Ron Muzzall, Judy Warnick, Shelly Short and Perry Dozier on Cultivate Washington, Senate Republicans 2024 agenda to protect agriculture. The goal is to address overregulation,

Sen. Mike Padden to offer bill creating year-round standard time
November 08, 2023

11/8/2023 The biannual changing of the clocks will be a thing of the past in Washington and Oregon if two state Senators get their way. Republican Senators Mike Padden of Washington and Kim Thatcher

Latina leaders on Democrat-fueled misconceptions about Latino communities
October 23, 2023

10/23/2023 Three Latina leaders, Sen. Niki Torres; Deputy Mayor of Moses Lake, Deanna Martinez; and Executive Director of the Center for Latino Leadership, Maia Espinoza discuss Democrat-fueled misco

Senator Drew MacEwen featured on program about Cap-and-Tax
October 16, 2023

10/16/2023 MacEwen says there needs to be more government transparency about high gas prices caused by cap-and-tax. He also says the program is hurting working Washingtonians. You can watch the entir

Making childhood fentanyl exposure a felony
October 09, 2023

10/9/2023 Recent cases of children overdosing on their parents fentanyl has Senator Lynda Wilson again pushing her bill to strengthen the penalties for childhood fentanyl exposure.

Legislature should reconvene Redistricting Commission to redraw 15th District map
September 25, 2023

9/25/2023 A court says Latino representation in the 15th Legislative District in Eastern Washington is insufficient to satisfy the federal Voting Rights Act. While Senate Republican Leader John Braun

Use cap-and-tax financial windfall to address affordability crisis
September 19, 2023

9/19/2023 Should Proceeds from the Democrats cap-and-tax scheme thats causing gas prices to soar be used to help people struggling with high housing and car-tab costs? Senate Republican Leader John

Latest carbon-pricing auctions will cause gasoline prices to continue to rise
September 11, 2023

9/11/2023 Gas-price hikes from the latest cap-and-trade auctions are sure to hurt drivers and all consumers even more. Senator Curtis King, the Republican leader on the Senate Transportation Committe

Ukrainian refugees in Washington state get Senators’ attention
September 05, 2023

9/5/2023 Washington put out the welcome mat last year when war broke out in the Ukraine. More than 16,000 Ukrainian refugees have ended up in our state so far. Senators John Braun and Chris Gildon ha

Homelessness to Housing with Senator Phil Fortunato
August 28, 2023

8/28/2023 The homeless population has exploded in recent years. At the same time, housing prices have skyrocketed. Senator Phil Fortunato is the Ranking Republican on the Senate Housing Committee. He