Self-Care Hacks

Self-Care Hacks

SCH 099 Hacks to Help You Improve Your Artistic Self-Care Routines

May 15, 2022
Does Anyone Even Have Artistic Self-Care Routines?

I didn’t practice artistic self-care routines for most of my life. After all, I didn’t think I was artistic. But don’t be like me. Even though I talk about artistic wholeness, I use the word ‘artistic’ because it fits in with the whole MAPS acronym for self-care. You might not feel artistic, but you are creative! Even if you think you don’t have a creative bone in your body.

For years, I equated art with drawing and painting. But art can happen anywhere. In the kitchen, with knitting needles or a crochet hook, behind the lens of a camera, on the dance floor, or even doodling during a meeting. When we bake time into our schedule for artistic self-care routines, we find it easier to de-stress, solve logical problems, and communicate with others.

Listen in to today’s podcast for a bonus chance to win a pair of AirPod Pros. I’m giving them away to help celebrate my 100th episode next week!

Show Notes

You read it right. We need to improve our artistic self-care routines. No artistic talent needed!

Army in Training Circular 25-20

Check out the benefits of doodling.

Theatre or drama (not the middle-school kind) can improve your mental acuity.

Dancing (a creative activity) may also improve your mental health, according to researchers.

Journaling (another creative endeavor) may improve a chronic pain sufferer’s mental health.

“These findings suggest that expressing anger may be helpful for chronic pain sufferers, particularly if it leads to meaning-making.”

Graham, Lobel, Glass, et al, Journal of Behavioral Medicine

You read it right. We need to improve our artistic self-care routines. No artistic talent needed! #butimnotartistic #artisticselfcare #selfcare #selfcaresunday #selfcarehacks #artistic #creative #creativity #create #photography #painting #baking #knitting #sewing #dancing #theatre #doodling

Come Back Next Week

Join me next week for the 100th episode celebration! I’ll talk about one of my favorite subjects–physical self-care. For years, I didn’t think I had the time to take care of myself physically. Bad idea. Now I can’t sing the praises of physical self-care often enough!

Listen to today's Self-Care Hacks podcast for a chance to win a bonus entry into next week's giveaway! #selfcarehacks #inspirememonday
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