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Self-Care Hacks

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SCH 012 How Out-of-Control Emotions Can Sabotage Your Physical Health
August 11, 2020

Can out-of-control emotions ruin your physical health? The answer might surprise you. This episode of Self-Care Hacks explains the role of cortisol in your life and offers five hacks for regulating your emotions.

SCH 011 Why You Need to Get in Touch With Your Emotions
August 04, 2020

C'mon, does a person REALLY need to get in touch with his or her emotions? Well, yes. Unless you want to go through life like a zombie. And who wants to do that? Listen in to today's podcast and discover five hacks for getting in touch with your emotio...

SCH 010 How to Set Emotional Health Goals Today
July 28, 2020

Have you ever thought about setting emotional health goals? And what's the difference between emotional health and mental health? Find out in today's Self-Care Hacks podcast. #selfcare #selfcarehacks #emotionalhealth #emotions #mentalhealth #podcast #a...

SCH 009 How to Have a Better Relationship With the Jerk at Work
July 21, 2020

Ever worked with a real jerk and wondered how you would survive? Today's episode has five hacks for working with a jerk that will help you overcome the overwhelm of outlandish behavior. #selfcarehacks #podcast #work #selfcare #boorishbehavior #jerkatwo...

SCH 008 How to Have a Better Relationship With Your Grandkids
July 14, 2020

Whether you have grandkids yet or not, you need to listen to this podcast. It's never too soon to start setting relationship goals for one of the most influential relationships you may ever enjoy. #goals #relationships #relationshipgoals #grandkids #gr...

SCH 007 How to Have a Better Relationship With Your Spouse
July 07, 2020

Do you fight with your spouse a lot? I don't have a Ph.D in counseling, but I do have over 30 years of experience being married to the love of my life. Don't mistake me, we're still improving our communication skills.

SCH 005 How to Set Achievement Goals You Can Actually Reach
June 23, 2020

Self-Care Hacks podcast episode 005 will take you through the steps necessary to set (and reach) achievement goals. We need achievement goals to help give meaning to our lives #podcast #selfcare #SelfCareHacks #goals #achievement #mom #parent #healthy ...

SCH 004 How to Set Short-Term Goals (Habit Goals) You’ll Actually Achieve
June 16, 2020

How long does it take to form a habit? It depends! Hint, the 21-day-habit-forming fact is actually a myth. Today's Self-Care Hacks podcast will give you five hacks for forming habits. #shorttermgoals #goals #habits #habitformation #goodhabits #selfcare...

SCH 003: How to Avoid Time Suck
June 09, 2020

Ever wondered how to avoid time suck? You know, that vortex of things you do that distract you from what's important? This five self-care hacks was get you started in setting long-term goals that will help you overcome time suck.

SCH 002: Do You Plan for Failure?
June 02, 2020

Nobody plans for failure, right? Maybe. But not planning and setting long-term goals, you just might be planning to fail. Listen in to this week's podcast and discover four self-care hacks to help you plan for success.