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Business In Real Life

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Radiance IP Law
February 25, 2019

EP # 37  BUSINESS AND MARKETING PODCAST WITH RADIANCE HARRIS Are you leaving money on the table for your competitors? If you are a business owner or thinking about going into business, this topic is something you need to be aware of.

Electric Advisors – The Money Saving Business Service
January 20, 2019

EPISODE 36 WITH RUSSELL LACEY OF ELECTRIC ADVISORS Thank you for joining us today for episode 36 of the the Business In Real Life podcast. Our guest is Russell Lacey of Electric Advisors.  - This is an unusual conversation in that it’s more educatio...

Who Is Your Coach?
December 29, 2018

EPISODE 35 DO YOU HAVE A COACH? If you thought you were listening to the Select Business Team podcast, we changed the name of the podcast and we are now Business In real life. Listen to the last episode # 34 and we explained why we are rebranding.

December 19, 2018

EPISODE 34 BRANDING AND REBRANDING  You see, after this episode, the Select Business Podcast is rebranding and will have a new name and a new iTunes Graphic. - This podcast was started as a way to promote members and clients of my company,

EP 33 The Benefits Of Mediation With Ellen Kandell
June 08, 2018

BUSINESS AND MARKETING PODCAST WITH ELLEN KANDELL Today we are talking about the important stuff in a business - conflict in the workplace, sexual harassment and mediation with Ellen Kandall who is a litigator turned mediator and trainer.

EP 32 Women Speak With Ansylla Ramsey - Select Business Team
May 02, 2018

BUSINESS AND MARKETING PODCAST WITH ANSYLLA RAMSEY  My guest, Ansylla Ramsey, is venturing into a new career - opening a speaking circle just for women. You'll learn what this is and how it will benefit women who participate.

Buying A Franchise with Mari Millard
April 26, 2018

BUSINESS AND MARKETING PODCAST WITH MARI MILLARD Today we are talking with Mari Millard who is the  owner of Two Maids and A Mop, a cleaning service franchise in Rockville, MD and Alexandria, Va. - Mari purchased the franchise last year and she’s ext...

Invest In Yourself
January 12, 2018

As many people make new years resolutions, it’s a good idea to share them and perhaps be inspired by what others are doing.  My thought by asking, how do you invest in yourself, was to find out what members are doing to grow. -

EP29 Real Estate Pivot With Rick Becker
January 08, 2018

BUSINESS AND MARKETING PODCAST Rick Becker is a realtor with Keller Williams. He recently went through a big life change, moving from New York City to New Jersey, closing his business and starting a new career. -

Filling Your Pipeline
January 06, 2018

5 WAYS TO FILL YOUR PIPELINE Are you having trouble filling your pipeline?  These ideas are old fashion but are proven to work.  They do require having conversations, which in many cases also means picking up the phone.