Seek The Joy Podcast

Seek The Joy Podcast

*BEST OF EPISODE* The Wisdom of this Moment with Intuitive Medium Amy White

October 12, 2021

Amy White, International Best-Selling Author, highly sought after speaker, and Intuitive Medium on a mission to help individuals heal the past, discover personal truths, and thrive, joins Sydney for a conversation on the wisdom of this moment and the gifts of the global pause we've all been experiencing. 

This episode originally aired on October 15, 2020 and we're so excited to share it with you again! 

Amy shares how she became an Intuitive Medium, her advice for anyone that wants to begin working with their intuition, learning to trust ourselves by reconnecting back to our body, and coming back into alignment with the wholeness of who we are. Amy shares the wisdom of this moment and the gifts of this global pause, the word of this moment, and why we’re all beginners right now.

Plus, Amy shares shares her work channeling the Greater Consciousness, how this collective group of energies presents itself, the role of boundaries in her work as both an intuitive and medium, her biggest dream, and so much more!

To connect with Amy and learn more about her work visit her website and on Instagram @mzamywhite and you can find her book Closer to Paradise: A Mother's Journey through Crisis and Healing here

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