Treasured Inheritance Ministry

Treasured Inheritance Ministry

My Two Witnesses - The Children of My Light

August 16, 2019

Zachariah in chapter 4 sees a vision of a lampstand with a bowl at its top. On the stand was seven lamps with seven spouts leading to them. He also saw two olive trees -one on the right-hand side of the bowl and the other on its left. For many, this cryptic vision which appears almost like a riddle, may be hard to grasp, unravel and understand and that is alright, for the prophet Zechariah himself could not grasp its understanding at the onset. The meaning of these verses is vitally important for us to understand as it is coming into fruition within these final days. Not only are these verses significant to this time in history, these verses should become meaningful and personal to us as children of God.

Join Yosef as he explains the importance of the vison as it relates to the end time remnant of YHWH.

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