Security Clearance Careers Podcast

Security Clearance Careers Podcast

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Former FBI Agent Shares What Went Behind the Take Down of One of America’s Most Dangerous Spies
November 29, 2023

Ana Montes spied on behalf of communist Cuba for 17 years. A new book by former FBI agent Peter Lapp discusses how Montes was able to carry out as a dangerous insider for nearly two decades, and his own career journey with the FBI. In our interview, we di

How to Fill the Cleared Tech Talent Gap
August 09, 2023

ClearanceJobs chatted with Vince Virga, chairman and co-founder of Skillstorm. Skillstorm trains and deploys developers and tech talent to help assist companies and government agencies with their workforce needs. Skillstorm also works directly with talent

After Columbia Space Shuttle: Reshaping NASA to be Safer
August 07, 2023

The Space Shuttle Columbia disintegrated February 1, 2003, as it reentered the earths atmosphere over Texas and Louisiana, with all seven astronauts on board losing their lives. Those at NASA instantly recognized that employees needed to implement major

House Homeland Security Subcommittee on Cybersecurity Talks about the Candidate Shortage
July 31, 2023

Last month, the House Homeland Security Subcommittee on Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Protection brought in four tech leaders to talk about our big cybersecurity problem: the lack of people. The hearing was held to assess potential ways to increase the

The Memoirs of a Not-So-Ordinary Defense Contractor
July 27, 2023

A new book by Danny Olmes, President at Xcelerate Solutions, spotlights how ordinary moments can be pivotal ones. Memoirs of an Ordinary Guy details many seemingly ordinary moments that led to extraordinary shifts – in mindset, career path, or s

From Army Ranger to Venture Capitalist: Where Your Career Lands After Transition
July 24, 2023

From Army Ranger to Venture Capitalist: Answering the Important Questions for Where Your Career Will Land After TransitionThis episode we are joined by Cam Watts who is a managing partner at Sentinel Ventures, a company building a safer world by fund

How to Make $200,000+ in GovTech
July 17, 2023

The Security Clearance Careers Podcast was joined by Symon B. "Beez" who has an incredible and inspiring story. She's a 16-year-old tech prodigy, who broke into the industry and now earns over $225k a year. We explore her journey and learn about the hard

Would More AI Social Media Screenings Prevent Insider Threats?
July 05, 2023

In the wake of Jack Texterias leak of classified CIA documents on the war in Ukraine, many are starting to criticize the security clearance process that we know today. While personnel vetting has gone through some major overhauls in the last couple of ye

National Cryptologic Foundation Looks for the Next Generation of Code Breakers
June 28, 2023

Alisha Jordan, education director at the National Cryptologic Foundation chats with ClearanceJobs about the role of the Foundation and their current efforts to help attract young people into cybersecurity and codebreaking careers. Cyber Saturday&nbsp