Secret Project

Secret Project

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Episode 10- Non-Denominational Starbucks Cup w/Rachel Berger
December 06, 2015

Rachel Berger and I talk about troubles with repr…

Episode 9- Kevinism w/ Kam & Meg
November 22, 2015

I talk to Kam & Meg about our deepest fears, our …

Episode 8- Ghosts of Artists Past w/Megan Lotter
November 15, 2015

Megan and I talk about dealing with anxiety, desi…

Episode 6- The Learny Episode w/ Allen Saakyan
October 31, 2015

Allen Saakyan and I talk about advances in child …

Episode 5- #jonsaracist w/ Aaron, Jon, & Moriah
October 24, 2015

Aaron Robinson, Jon Casanova , and Moriah Foronda…

Episode 3- Gateway Trump w/Brett Killoran
October 11, 2015

Brett and I talk about social media romance, safe…

Episode 2- Die Doing It w/Julia Barzizza
October 04, 2015

Julia and I talk about teaching painting and....w…