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40. Delayed Surface Marker Buoy, Plastic Bag Laws, and Sea Hunt – It’s Still Alive – Midget Submarine
August 28, 2020

We recently incorporated the delayed surface marker buoy adventure dive in our advanced open water class. Listen to our reasoning and how beneficial this was to both our students and instructors. Being able to deploy your surface marker buoy from depth...

39. Fen Johnson Part 3 – FENJOHN Company and the equipment he offered plus a discussion on World Ocean Observatory
August 13, 2020

ER Fenimore Johnson had a company named FENJOHN that build and sold underwater photography equipment along with a wide array of scuba diving equipment. The company was based out of Ardmore, PA. The 1954 catalog featured the FENJOHN Bantam 16mm underwat...

38. Fen Johnson Part 2: His work with the Navy UDT and Your Next Dive takes you to Dutch Springs in Bethlehem, PA
August 02, 2020

In 1948 LCDR Fenimore Johnson again uses his expertise in underwater photography to work with the Navy’s Underwater Demolition team. The Navy doesn’t really believe that the divers can do all the things they report that they are doing.

37. Who was ER Fenimore Johnson – Part One and Sea Hunt It’s Still Alive – The Defector from 1961
July 19, 2020

ER Fenimore Johnson was a pioneer in underwater photography. He was born in 1899. His father was the founder of the Victor Talking Machine Company. Fen Johnson worked for the company until it merged with RCA in 1927.

36. A special interview with Amy Lee from REEF
July 03, 2020

Amy Lee is REEF’s (Reef Environmental Education Foundation) Engagement and Communications Manager. In this episode I had a chance to catch up with Amy and chat a little about her background, her work at REEF,

35. A special Father’s Day Edition of Your Next Dive – the Maldives with Peter Katz
June 21, 2020

Happy Father’s Day to all the Dads out there On this special episode of Scuba Shack Radio I sit down with Peter Katz – PADI Master Instructor to talk about his trip to the Maldives. Peter was fortunate to get his trip to the Maldives completed just bef...

34. Let’s talk about save-a-dive kits and Healthways – an original scuba equipment provider
June 07, 2020

Every diver should have a save-a-dive kit and your kit should be tailored to your gear and your configuration. Every diver should have o-rings in their kit. Tank valve o-rings and hose o-rings are very important.

33. Underwater comms for scuba divers, World Economic Forum Report – US #32, and Sea Hunt It’s Still Alive – Changing Patterns
May 24, 2020

Wireless underwater communications for scuba divers have come a long way since the 1970s. Today there are a number of options if you are ready to go the full-face mask route, whether it be an AGA, Spectrum, Kirby-Morgan, Guardian or G-Diver.

32. Emergency Action Plan, MarineBio and Your Next Dive takes you to Sunset House on Grand Cayman
May 10, 2020

Your Emergency Action Plan is an important part of your preparedness in the event of something going wrong. It consists of information regarding where you will be diving. Things like the location of hospitals, hyperbaric chambers, or other facilities.

31. Dive Flags, EN-ROADS climate solution simulator, diving the Andrea Doria
April 26, 2020

A dive flag is a very important piece of your safety equipment especially when shore diving. A dive flag let’s boat traffic know that you are in the area. A flag must be within 50 feet of you and be able to be seen from 100 yards away.