Scrolls & Leaves

Scrolls & Leaves

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Rerun: Ayurveda & Science
June 30, 2021

ft. biologist Annamma Spudich

We're Going on a Brief Hiatus
May 26, 2021

Season 1 We're Going on a Brief Hiatus It goes without saying, this is a difficult time in India, as we cope with the second wave of the COVID-19 pandemic. Yet, among the sadness, anger, and pain,

Chatroom 16: Decolonizing a Maharaja
April 14, 2021

with Friederike Voigt

Chatroom 15: New World Coins Flows to Mughal India
April 01, 2021

with Najaf Haider

Chatroom 14: The Rise of Desi Hip Hop
March 17, 2021

with Sammy Chand, Adnan Baloch

Chatroom 13: The Case of the Severed Breasts on the Windowsill
March 03, 2021

with historian Sylvia Sellers-Garcia