Scrolls & Leaves

Scrolls & Leaves

Latest Episodes

Chatroom 16: Decolonizing a Maharaja
April 14, 2021

with Friederike Voigt

Chatroom 15: New World Coins Flows to Mughal India
April 01, 2021

with Najaf Haider

Chatroom 14: The Rise of Desi Hip Hop
March 17, 2021

with Sammy Chand, Adnan Baloch

Chatroom 13: The Case of the Severed Breasts on the Windowsill
March 03, 2021

with historian Sylvia Sellers-Garcia

Chatroom 12: The Evolution of Indian Blues, or Bidesia
February 17, 2021

with poet Sudesh Mishra

Chatroom 11: When Technology Meets Ayurveda
February 03, 2021

with historian Projit Bihari Mukharji

Chatroom 10: Encounters with India's Maneaters
January 20, 2021

Indians are sharing space with predators and wild animals, with deadly consequences. How can we co-exist? Ft. Nayanika Mathur

Chatroom 9: Disease Goddesses and Scapegoats
January 06, 2021

with historian David Arnold

Chatroom 8: A disease sleuth in Bangalore
December 16, 2020

with Sanjeev Jain of NIMHANS