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Sci & Tell

Saleh Ahmed: Climate Change Equity from Idaho to Bangladesh

August 25, 2021

After a summer of erratic weather and the recent IIRC report, the effects of climate change seem urgent now more than ever. Which is why we were so excited to talk to Saleh Ahmed on Sci & Tell.

Saleh is a professor of Environmental Studies, Global Studies, and Public Policy at Boise State University. His research focuses on how climate change is affecting marginalized communities around the world, whether that be communities on coastal Bangladesh or India, Rohingya refugees, or people in the Intermountain West. In this episode, we talked about his research, the importance of communicating science to those affected by it, and how climate change isn’t an abstract concept for the future- it’s here, and it’s affecting people’s lives right now.

This episode was produced by Shane M Hanlon and Nisha Mital, and mixed by Collin Warren. Artwork by Karen Romano Young.