SBP Podcast Mobile Filmmaking

SBP Podcast Mobile Filmmaking

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Celebrate Your Smartphone Movies in San Diego with Caroline Spence and James Smith
May 10, 2022

Three days of entertaining and inspiring presentations, screenings, workshops, celebrations and more!  It was the last weekend in April and as is tradition, a new edition of the festival took place in

The Thrill of Mobile Filmmaking and Teens with Quinn Friedman
March 15, 2022

A heartwarming story turned into a film with 17 year-old Quinn Friedman participating in the International Mobile Film Festival in San Diego. We discuss how he made a film that showcases skills normal

Empowering Women and Mobile Filmmaking with Antoinette Van Sluytman
March 08, 2022

Today is International Women’s Day and our guest, Antoinette Van Sluytman, shares her mission to empower women in the creative industry. We discuss the power that smartphone cameras give everyone to s

iPhone Wildlife Photography and Video with Scott Bourne
March 01, 2022

In this episode I pick the brain of a nature and wildlife photographer Scott Bourne. Scott is also a professional videographer. His extensive experience is inspiring and he recently had an experience

Dare Yourself To Make Smartphone Feature Films - James Demitri
February 15, 2022

It’s not common that we record an episode for the podcast with a fan. James Demitri is in Australia, and made a feature film with a smartphone inspired by our podcast and the stories from our guests. 

Audio Check Smartphone Film Production - Julian Bate-Vergette
February 08, 2022

We met Julian Bate-Vergette in episode 115. Julian’s experience and studies make him a great resource to get motivated about audio quality for your mobile films. Audio quality can make or break your f

The Smartphone Content Creator Featuring Ant Pruitt
February 01, 2022

Ant Pruitt works as a podcast host for a large podcast network. He researches the camera and photography industry, which he’s passionate about. Ant is a valuable resource for the content creator. Ant

Making Smartphone Movies Building Trust with Ross Perkins
January 25, 2022

Have you made your first film? Have you tried but things weren’t working out on set even though you thought you were well prepared? Do you want to cast good actors but not sure how? In this episode, w

In The Weeds Series: Character Development with Jason C. Marshall
January 18, 2022

In our newest episode, and the first in the new year, from our In The Weeds Series: Story Structure and Formula with Jason C. Marshall, we go all in with character development. Pardon us if you share

Mobile Filmmaking in Russia with Maxim Mussel
January 04, 2022

We have a great discussion with the leading voice for smartphone movie making in Russia, Maxim Mussel. He’s made three feature films with smartphones and launched the only festival for mobile films in