Save The Great South Bay Podcast

Save The Great South Bay Podcast

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STGSB Podcast Episode 7: What is Prosocial?
February 08, 2020

On this episode of Water Matters, documentary filmmaker Alan Honick & Dr. Kristin Perret discuss how prosocial interventions can help communities come to a …

STGSB Podcast Episode 6: Sewer Czar
January 17, 2020

Suffolk County and New York State recognize the pressing need to address significant nitrogen levels in our local waterways and groundwater caused in part by underground septic tanks. On this episode of Water Matters,

STGSB Podcast Episode 5: Methoprene & Emerging Contaminants
December 17, 2019

Emerging contaminants, such as 1,4-dioxane, were a hot topic in 2019 and sure to continue to be well into the future. Learn more about them as well as the toxic effects of methoprene, the mosquito pesticide,

STGSB Podcast Episode 4: Native Planting with Matt Gettinger
December 17, 2019

Go native! In this episode of Water Matters, we are joined by Matt Gettinger of Long Island Natives. As one of the most comprehensive native plant producers in New York, LI Natives is dedicated to growing a wide variety of native species representing t...

STGSB Podcast Episode 3: Shellfish and the Revitalization of the Great South Bay
December 16, 2019

If one oyster can filter up to 50 gallons of water a day, how would one billion oysters affect water quality? Listen in as our distinguished panel discusses the economic and environmental potential of returning shellfish to the Bay during our Speaker S...

STGSB Podcast Episode 2: The Challenges of Sustainable Development
December 06, 2019

Commercial developers and environmentalists may not seem likely bedfellows but surprisingly there is much common ground when it comes to sustainable development. Listen in to our recent conversation with real estate developer Anthony Bartone of Terwill...

STGSB Podcast Episode 1: Water Quality Task Force
November 18, 2019

Listen to Episode 1 of the podcast featuring Frank Piccininni speaking to the Assembly Minority Conference's Water Quality Task Force about funding and native plantings.

Sayville Creek Defenders — Braving The Elements
August 19, 2018

On Saturday, August 4th, the Sayville Creek Defenders, culled mostly from the membership of The Greater Sayville Civic Association, as led by James Bertsch and Christine Sarni, The Sayville Historical Society, The Sayville Garden Club,

Water Quality in The Great South Bay
August 14, 2018

The Great South Bay’s main issue is water quality.   What’s polluting it? Scientists claim that 69% of the excess nitrogen in the bay is from septic systems, but then there is also runoff to consider -- from lawns and roads,

A Trip To Blue Island Oyster Farm
July 04, 2018

While Blue Island Oysters has its hatchery in West Sayville, its oyster farm is off Captree.   And last Friday was my day to visit. - Captree - In 2000, Chris Quartuccio acquired a former bait shack and the lease for a surrounding six acres,