Sarah Price: A Writer's Life

Sarah Price: A Writer's Life

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One Bad Apple
November 18, 2015

When one person ruins it for everyone else, it’s time for the rest of us to take a stand.

On Homeschooling and Religion
November 17, 2015

I did it. I finally stepped onto a soapbox. Religion…it should be part of our core curriculum (and I do NOT mean CORE, which is a bad word in NJ public schools). I think teachers have the toughest job with not enough respect,

Swatting Flies in Mansfield Park
November 10, 2015

When flies take over your kitchen, become a ninja warrior! Of course, there will always be more…just like the problems in our life. Sarah Price shares her theory of flies being like problems and how her current fly is her adaptation of Jane Austen’s Ma...

Breast Cancer Awareness Episode 2
October 22, 2015

Sarah Price continues talking about her experiences with breast cancer, focusing on the power of positive thinking.

Do you write in your Bible?
October 18, 2015

Do you write in your Bible? Why it’s important…

About Sarah Price – Podcast
October 18, 2015

About Sarah Price and the upcoming re-release of the Plain Fame series (an Amish girl and Cuban rockstar).

Breast Cancer Awareness Episode 1
October 18, 2015

In May 2013, author Sarah Price learned that she had breast cancer. From hearing “we caught it early” to almost having Stage 3 breast cancer that had spread throughout her lymph nodes, she fought it with humor and acceptance,

Wednesday’s Wanderer: The Brilliance Behind Audio Books
April 15, 2015

Hi Teri! Thank you for joining us. Why don’t you start off by introducing yourself? Hi Sarah! My pleasure! Thanks so much for having me! What a treat! Teri Clark Linden here, coming to you from Yellow Springs, Ohio!     Listen to Teri’s interview!