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Sales Hero Podcast

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EP 22: Be legendary in selling by being 100% you: with best-selling author of the book "Legendary", Tommy Breedlove
June 19, 2020

This is a special episode where we do a deep dive into combining humanity and profitability. The keys to selling today are all about how you can be legendary by being unique, interesting, authentic, and especially vulnerable. Tommy brought the swamp...

EP 21: Marketing and Sales Together at Last with Marc Stoiber, Brand Strategist
May 25, 2020

Have you wondered how to get marketing and sales to play nice together? Well, Marc brought his A-game on this one and we talk about his experience working with sales from the branding side as well as his recent transition into the business development...

EP 20: Scaling Sales Teams with Chandler Bolt, CEO of Self-Publishing School
May 02, 2020

I got the pleasure of interviewing Chandler all about how he grew Self-Publishing School, increased the price of his offer, added a sales team, and exploded growth. If you want to skyrocket your success, this episode is for you.Watch this episode on...

EP 19: Make Selling all About Possibility and Put on a Show
November 16, 2017

Stop focusing on PAIN when selling. Not every sales calls should be a therapy session. It should be fun, exciting, and full of possibility. Plus, you can make it a show that they can't wait to have more of!

EP 18: The Best Voicemail I've Ever Heard (& Most Hilarious)
March 04, 2016

If you struggle with not getting your voicemails returned, this is totally for you! In this episode, I share the most hilarious voicemail I ever heard, why it worked so well, and how you can apply it for yourself. You can read the blog post as well at ...

EP 17: Opening Sales Calls The Right Way
February 12, 2016

Sales is not about closing. It is all about how you open, add value, and connect with the real challenges of your customer. In this episode, I share some power tips on setting yourself up for success on every sales call, repeatedly. Read the entire pos...

EP 16: 10 Keys To Selling Anything - No Experience Required
January 16, 2016

Make selling so much easier for yourself and focus on these keys. The big hint is that it's all about people and how well you can connect. Read the entire post with all the cool links at

EP 15: Sell Confidently Next Year - Sales Stats And Predictions For 2016
December 18, 2015

Lets take a look at where selling is headed next …

EP 14: Too Busy - Focus On Your High Value Activities
December 09, 2015

Whether you are trying to tackle your goals for t…

EP 13: How To Find New Customers You Didn't Think You Could
November 27, 2015

We all want to learn how to find more customers. You may be missing opportunities to use your unique skills to work with customers you didn't think of. We will also talk about the 8 steps on getting those customers. They are out there! Read the entir