Runway.VC Podcast

Runway.VC Podcast

RNWY.VC 11: Growing Airport DBEs

May 18, 2017

On this episode we’re talking with Krystal Brumfield, the CEO of the Airport Minority Advisory Council - or otherwise known as AMAC. 

During our conversation, Krystal & I talk about a few different things - including her journey to become the head of AMAC, which actually doesn’t include any background in Aviation, and how she’s using that different background to bring a new perspective to industry issues. We also talk about how they are working with women & minority owned businesses to get them more involved with projects going on at airports, as well as the benefits those types of companies can bring to table and the challenges that they still face.

Finally, we wrap up our conversation by talking about the role of industry organizations today and how they may be more relevant than ever. 

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