Runway.VC Podcast

Runway.VC Podcast

RNWY.VC 10: Getting Connected at the Airport

April 24, 2017

On this episode, we talk with Dawn Callahan - the CMO of Boingo. During our conversation, we talk about the history of Boingo and how they got into the business of airport wifi. We also talk about how they are working through aging infrastructure and growing traveler demands. Finally we wrap up talking about the future of airport connectivity and how they are preparing for the "always connected" traveler.

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As always, we want to thank Bruno Misonne for our intro music. To listen to more of Bruno Misonne, check out his website for the full album: As well as thank, Kutchins & Groh, an airport planning firm that specializes with capital planning and helping airport prepare for future development. Check out their website at: