Roving Reports from Terry Mechan

Roving Reports from Terry Mechan

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Russia and The Red Web
October 02, 2015

Russia's Control and the Internet. In the absence of any detailed legal framework, disputes which once used to be solved by the Russian Mafia are now taken to the new Godfathers in Russia, The Police and the Security Services.

Europe in Crisis :- Radical Islam and the Immigration Overload
September 14, 2015

Will the new migrants ever integrate fully into European Society or will the new Radical Islam encourage them to start a struggle to replace European Values and beliefs with values from their own religion.

GCHQ Past, Present and Future
August 14, 2015

We hear in some detail of the damage caused by Edward Snowden who, in revealing details of classified United States government surveillance programs, also dragged GCHQ's activities into the public eye.

Titanic:-The Man Who Kept The Lights On
August 08, 2015

We hear from Warren Ervine, the last surviving 1st generation relative to those lost on that fateful night. We hear how his Uncle was responsible for keeping the lights on as the ship started her final plunge to the bottom of the Atlantic.

The Bomb Disposal Expert
June 13, 2015

A N Other tells us exactly what it feels like to dress up in The Bomb Suit to put himself and his men in harms way. This is a rare insight into what it is like to repeatedly stand in the doorway between life and death

The Cheltenham Banksy :- The Owner's Story
May 14, 2015

In an exclusive interview , The owner tells how Banksy has turned his life into a nightmare and reveals the intrigue surrounding attempts to list the Banksy over his head.

How Your DNA Controls Your Life
April 14, 2015

If you think you are in charge of your Life; forget it You are controlled by 3 billion chemical instructions located in every cell of your body, your Master Blueprint, your Genome, your DNA. 1400 scientists at the Sanger Research Institute computing DNA

Atomic Fusion: Stars on Earth
February 14, 2015

The UK Atomic Energy Authority have created temperatures hotter than the Sun inside two buildings here on Earth. They are trying to create stars on Earth to reproduce the nuclear forces at work in the sun.

UK Space Agency and the British Space Shuttle
January 19, 2015

We hear how the British Government has given 60 Million Pounds to help design and build the engines for the new British Space Shuttle known as Skylon and other things Britain is doing in Space

A Look at Huntington's Disease
January 18, 2015

Carol Dutton support worker tells of sufferers with terminal illness having to visit food banks and how people who shake and can’t speak are expected to go before an assessment panel in order to get a Personal Independence Payment (the successor to D