Roseville Covenant Podcast

Roseville Covenant Podcast

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Reset My Voice
September 25, 2016

We need to reset our voices; reset our words that we speak to others. Pastor Mark talks about how we need to reset our hearts before we can do anything else. Once we have made this transformation we must look to how we talk to one another.

Reset My Mind
September 18, 2016

Pastor Mark talks about how we must be sure to reset our minds. We need to reflect as we read the bible and put on an attitude of humility. Are our mind truly in line with God and what He is calling us to do?

Reset My Heart
September 11, 2016

Pastor Mark talks about resetting our hearts through the meaning of obedience and repentance. Through various stories of the bible Pastor Mark is able to bring understanding to these words and how they relate to our heart.

Beatitudes - Blessed Are Those Who Are Personally Attacked
August 21, 2016

How Do You Handle Personal Attacks?

Beatitudes - Blessed Are Those Persecuted for Their Faith
August 14, 2016

How Do You Handle Opposition to Your Faith?

Beatitudes - Blessed Are The Peacemakers
August 07, 2016

Are You a Reconciler?

Beatitudes - Blessed Are The Pure in Heart
July 31, 2016

Are You a Person of Integrity?

Beatitudes - Blessed Are The Merciful
July 24, 2016

How Do You Show Mercy?

Beatitudes - Blessed Are The Meek
July 10, 2016

Is There Strength in Gentleness?