Root Causes: A PKI and Security Podcast

Root Causes: A PKI and Security Podcast

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Root Causes 259: What Went Wrong with the Twitter Blue Check Marks
November 29, 2022

The Twitter authenticated identity blue check mar…

Root Causes 258: New S/MIME Baseline Requirements Ratified
November 20, 2022

The CA/Browser Forum has passed new Baseline Requ

Root Causes 257: FTX Crypto Exchange Collapses
November 16, 2022

"If you don't hold the keys, you don't hold the c

Root Causes 256: What Is Harvest and Decrypt?
November 15, 2022

As we prepare for the reality of quantum computer

Root Causes 255: What Is a Privacy Browser?
November 11, 2022

In this episode we describe privacy browsers, whi

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November 07, 2022

In a recently exposed error, key material for a p

Root Causes 253: OpenSSL Vulnerability Explained
November 03, 2022

Last week the OpenSSL project announced an upcomi

Root Causes 252: Sidestepping Microsoft Email Encryption
October 29, 2022

A recently revealed vulnerability in Microsoft Ex

Root Causes 251: What's Next for the NIST PQC Primitives?
October 26, 2022

NIST has announced its new post-quantum cryptogra

Root Causes 250: 250 Episodes of Root Causes!
October 25, 2022

It's Root Causes episode 250! In this episode Tim