Room for Improvment

Room for Improvment

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Episode 7: Faculty Club vs Hibachi vs a Disney Lemonade Stand
May 01, 2015

For this episode, Jordan's dad came into the studio for some live DadProv, we met some of the beh...

Episode 6: DadProv and Grandmama
April 23, 2015

Today we spoke to Becca's dad, gave away grandmama's dog, attended a green card wedding, practice...

Episode 5: Relearning ABCs and Visiting the OBGYN for Matches
April 17, 2015

Today we had Juliadele Male and Jordan Merker on for their first time doing improv! We had a fun ...

Episode 4: Rainbow Date and Bad Prank Callers
March 27, 2015

This week we had Robbie Rosen and Dan Rozel as guests. We found out that Robbie was Becca's robot...

Room for Improvment Ep 3: Rocko & Flat Stacey
March 20, 2015

This week's podcast introduces Flat Stacey, the drug addict cut-out, to a 5th grade curriculum an...

Room for Improvment Episode 2: Obese dogs and Kindergarten teachers
March 14, 2015

Pichya and Danya guest star this week on the second episode of Room for Improvment. This week's p...

Room for Improvment Ep 1: Laughing Funny Talk Times with Abigail & Becca (& Dan & Jordan)
March 05, 2015

Our first episode features a 1960s big-buttoxed woman, American Girl Dolls at Samantha's birthday...