Feel Dumb For Asking with Ronnie & Bo

Feel Dumb For Asking with Ronnie & Bo

14. How Do I Rebuild My Identity & Worth After It’s Been Damaged? WITH ALEXANDRA VAILAS

June 03, 2021

Alex Vailas was a social media ‘influencer’ before the term existed. Over the past decade with over a million followers, Alex has helped brands like Target, Home Depot and Coca Cola produce digital online content. She has been deemed Pinterest’s Top Pinner by InStyle and Business Insider Magazine.

In the last few years, Alex and her two kids experienced a challenging family situation that left Alex to rebuild almost every aspect of her life. Ronnie & Bo learn a lot about personal value, worth, and identity - and how to rebuild it - from a strong, resilient, humble, creative woman who’s done just that.

Check out more about Alex at www.avestyles.com and wait for an upcoming additional episode with Alex on ‘How Can You Get the Good Out of Social Media Without Getting Killed By the Bad?’