Feel Dumb For Asking with Ronnie & Bo

Feel Dumb For Asking with Ronnie & Bo

9. What Does A Woman Really Need In A Relationship? WITH SHAWN MCBRIDE

April 29, 2021

In PART TWO of this important series, SHAWN MCBRIDE preps RONNIE & BO on 5 things every WOMAN needs in a relationship. Shawn McBride is a pastor, author, speaker, and marriage & family therapist who's been helping families for over 20 years.

Whether your marriage need some help right now, you're looking to improve an already healthy marriage, or just trying to learn some important things before you dive into an important relationship, Pastor Shawn's advice will help!

You'll learn to identify, understand, and meet some of the needs of your spouse or future spouse, experiencing some of the real joy of what your marriage could be. Catch part one on 5 things every MAN needs in episode 8 last week.

If you need extra help, personal counseling, couples counseling, or are in an unhealthy or abusive relationship feel free to contact Pastor Shawn at COUPLES COUNSELING.ORG. Zoom counseling sessions available.

You'll laugh, learn, and definitely be able to love your spouse better than ever.