Get Ready - Be Ready - Stay Ready

Get Ready - Be Ready - Stay Ready

Mood swings and how they can reduce your kachings

December 24, 2020

Ah yes. The old mood swings. This weather (here in Colorado today) could sure cause some. It’s freezing. Down to 65 degrees. Just kidding. It’s actually 35 degrees. But I get cold at 65. Not that you care. But you know me. I like warm weather. And it’s snow everywhere. At least at the time I’m sharing this with you.

Mood swings reminded me of a song.
I know I’ve mentioned this before. But I just wanted to touch on it again. Because I heard a song I haven’t heard in years. My Ever-Changing Mood by Style Counsel. If you know it, good  for you. But most people would probably say “What?!”
And why bring it up?
Personalities are fragile. Yours. Mine. Everybody’s. Somedays you wake up ready to go. Right? Other days it’s more like, “Oh…I feel small. No, I don’t feel like it today.”
Sound familiar?
So what do you do? Well, those things that you know will catapult you in the right direction. Keep you moving forward, faster. But if you don’t “feel it,” then you just change your mind. And you say, “No, not today. I’ll do that tomorrow.”
There’s a word for that. Let’s see. What was it? Oh yeah…procrastination.
Bad word.
But when you follow a process…a system, big difference. When your business is system driven…based on process…you don’t have to worry about your ever-changing mood.
No. You just do what the system says to do.

And if you don’t have a system, and you wonder “System…what system?” then plug in to my RondaReady system. Because it’s uh…well…Ready.
It’s a proven system that’s worked for tons of businesses all across America. It’ll help you get where you wanna go, much faster. And that way you can enjoy more of the life you deserve.
So, Get Ready to Be Ready and be the highly organized CEO of your business.
Get RondaReady
And I truly do wanna help you…
Stay Ready,