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Get Ready - Be Ready - Stay Ready

You’re full of it – And when I say you, I mean…well…you

November 12, 2020

You know…you and I are close enough now, I think I can just come out and say this. You’re full of it. “Gasp. What?! What are you talking about?”

Yeah, you are. You’re full of it.
Well, actually…us business owners…we’re all full of it. But is it “IT” I’m saying? No, it’s really Them.
“Full of them? What is she talking about?”
Ideas. Right? That’s one of our claims to fame. We have so many ideas. And it’s awesome. Because that’s part of our charm. The creativity part.
But ideas without execution. They stay ideas. And they stay ideas in your head. And that’s a shame. Because your ideas are great. And they need to be put into action.
So, who helps you do that?
Well, I do. My RondaReady system does. And creative ideas are a big part of why I created and developed this system.
Let’s go back to execution for a bit. How do you get to the execution part of your ideas? Well, the RondaReady system is all about structure, accountability, and support. And that’s how you get there.
So, think about it.
You’ve got ideas. And you strongly believe they’re good ones. Right? In fact, you’d like to take your ideas and build products and services that could generate streams of income for you. Right? And wouldn’t it be cool to have a system where you can track it all? And maybe even make money in your sleep? Now, THAT’S a dreamy idea.

Well, your ideas will never do any of that for you if you don’t get a system and start executing your plan.
When you’re ready to do that, then you’re really ready to be the highly organized CEO of your business. And I can help you do that so much better and faster. Plus, I can help you…
Stay Ready,