The Rodolfo Rivas Project

The Rodolfo Rivas Project

Edgardo Muñoz

August 06, 2021

Season 3 Episode 8 – Doctor Edgardo Muñoz, Law Professor at my Alma Mater, Universidad Panamericana of Guadalajara. Edgardo wears many hats, including Arbitrator and Author.

In our conversation, Edgardo talks about his early interest in literature, pursuing a legal career, and how this took him to the UK and Switzerland. The literary bug bit him early on, and he has written a couple of novels, with the latest being influenced by his time as an associate working with banks in Switzerland.

He then returned to Guadalajara and has been a full-time professor ever since. He uses his novels as part of his teaching curriculum and talks about how storytelling engages with his students. He also juggles raising his family with his wife and a growing practice as a lawyer.

We could have talked for hours, and in fact, we did, but for now, I hope you enjoy this conversation.

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Edgardo Muñoz

Rodolfo Rivas (Twitter: @rivasrod)

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