Robservations with Rob Liefeld

Robservations with Rob Liefeld

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Rob Liefeld’s Superman?? Public Domain pt. 2!
March 21, 2023

Superman is racing towards the Public Domain as fast as a speeding bullet? When he arrives, if he arrives, what exactly will be available? Rob is sharpening his pencils in anticipation of creating his own Superman adventures, should you? 

The Flame
March 17, 2023

A discussion of the fire that sparks conflict and ignites creativity!

X-Men! The 60th Anniversary: New Mutants!
March 14, 2023

As Marvel celebrates 60 years of The X-Men, Rob looks back on the first ever X-Men spin-off, The New Mutants. From an early 80s interview, discover Chris Claremonts initial outlook for the book and its inspirations as well as lost storylines & chara

Robservations The Robtopsy - X-Men: The Savage Lands!
March 10, 2023

Another Robtopsy is performed, this time on one of the greatest runs in the history of comic books! As The X-Men fight to survive Magneto and later, the dangers of The Savage Land, multiple historical achievements are unlocked! This period of the X-Men se

March Madness! Marvel, DC Countdown!
March 07, 2023

Welcome to the Madness of March! Theres no basketball or gambling involved but a revelation of serious comic book cornerstones that were achieved during the month of March across the decades! Spider Man, Batman, Flash and more! Get ready to count it down

The Robtopsy: The Fantastic Four of the 70’s!
March 03, 2023

Introducing The Robtopsy! Where we examine and dissect a particular body of work, revealing its historical & cultural impact! The patient this week is The Fantastic Four of the 1970s, a far different version from any that had come before! Sue Richard

Lone Wolf & Cub! Comic Book Feuds!
February 28, 2023

Its a double bill as we examine the origins of todays most popular trope, the grizzled warrior, the young ward and the treacherous journey across dangerous terrain! The Last Of Us! The Mandalorian! Road To Perdition!! Bonus - Comic Book Feuds:Barry Smit

Bring On The Bad Girls!
February 24, 2023

The 90s was a time of Femme Fatales! Women Warriors ruled the charts pushing the big brawn to the side as fans favored a new age of Lady Liberators! Witchblade! Lady Death! Shi! Avengelyne! Glory! Plus - Major Podcast Announcement!

May The Source Be With You!
February 21, 2023

Today its a time for reflection as we give respect to The Source expanding our awareness of Marvel & DC comic book tropes and their various origins! We discuss the X-Mens infamous Outback era and how it compares to other periods in Marvel Mutant

The 2023 Macho Awards! It’s A Macho Show!
February 17, 2023

Its time for our annual Macho Awards! Join as we celebrate the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles! Batman! Joker! Top Gun! Yellowstone and so much more!