Road to VO

Road to VO

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No Voice for You!
December 06, 2021

You have work sitting and waiting for you as you nurse your voice back to health. What is your go-to method for getting past the sore throat, the congestion, the drainage, the heavy chest congestion? Rich explores this challenge and shares some things

What Do You Do?
October 25, 2021

You're at a network function and someone looks at your business name on your nametag. It says, "VO" or "voiceover." They look at you quizically and ask, "What do you do?" How do you answer that? Do you break down all of the things a voice actor does? Do

Get Your Plan Together
October 04, 2021

So you've decided to become a voiceover artist. Much like Rich, you might like the process of recording and producing audio. Perhaps you enjoy telling stories and narrating audiobooks. Maybe you're excited about the opportunity to work for yourself. Well,

The Elusive Noise Floor
September 13, 2021

Rich moved his studio and learned that his small space isn’t necessarily quieter than the larger room. Also he asks listeners about their thoughts on the recent acquisition of Voice123 by Backstage. Visit Rich's link tree

The Voiceover Journey Begins
August 26, 2021

Rich Palmer begins his journey on the Road to VO giving a bit of background about himself, the purpose of the show, and a brief overview of a book he is reading by Celia Siegel called Voiceover Achiever - Build Your VO Career. Change Your Life. This show