The Middle of Everything

The Middle of Everything

Talking to Your Kids About Marijuana - with Abby Mashunkashey

May 29, 2019

When medical marijuana was legalized in Oklahoma last year, dispensaries, billboards and headlines started popping up everywhere we looked and became one of those "tough" conversations in many households. When our friend Abby Mashunkashey started researching the subject for an article she was writing, we invited her on the podcast to talk with us about ways to handle the conversation with our kids. Join us while we chat with Abby (with a few cameos by her adorable puppy!) about tips for talking with kids - and other parents - about safety, ways to break the stigma around medicinal marijuana, and our thoughts about some of the problematic marketing around the medicinal herb.

In this episode we talk about:

Oklahoma SQ 788

THC Universal Symbol

Children's Hospital Colorado, Marijuana: What Kids Need to Know