The Middle of Everything

The Middle of Everything

Video Games, Gaming with Kids and All the Things Game Related - with Richard Mitchell of XPO Game Festival - Episode 22

September 18, 2018

Claire and Sarah catch up after a whirlwind week, talk about Tulsa's new park, A Gathering Place for Tulsa and most importantly, talk Games, Games and more Games with XPO Game Festival planner, Richard Mitchell.  For gaming novices like us, we need ALL the information from him.  We talk basics like gaming systems, which ones are best for kids, and he makes suggestions for everything from best games for kids, grownups, families, and more.  We chat about benefits of video games including educational and learning games, as well as social and emotional benefits from player interaction.  He gives us tips for playing with your kids, ways to check that the games they are playing are age appropriate, and explains what the heck is up with watching other people play games online.  Join Richard November 2-4 at the Tulsa Pop Culture Expo and XPO Game Festival, and don't miss his description of the Friday night sounds amazing!

In this episode we talk about:

A Gathering Place for Tulsa


Pokemon Go

Kindle Fire Kids


Jurassic World: The Game


Nintendo Switch



Zelda Breath of the Wild

Nintendo Switch Online Plan

Rusty Lake

The Room

Susan Arendt - Pocket Gamer

Yoshi's Island



ESRB - Entertainment Software Ratings Board

Mario Party

Use Your Words

1-2 Switch


Super Mario Odyssey


You Don't Know Jack

Tulsa Pop Culture Expo

XPO Game Festival

Friday Concertwith Bit Brigade and MegaRan