The Middle of Everything

The Middle of Everything

Postpartum Anxiety, Therapy and Textiles with Natasha Ball of House Sparrow Fine Nesting - Episode 13

July 16, 2018

We are back in the studio this week with Natasha Ball of House Sparrow Fine Nesting, who is opening up to us about her Postpartum Anxiety, "the salad incident" and how she was diagnosed, the treatments that worked for her, and the importance of therapy as maintenance for ourselves.  We also chat with her about how her career path(s) shaped her family, and how she ended up with an 8 year spread between her two sons.  After working in journalism, from reporter to blogger to editor, Natasha started selling knitted blankets, weavings and other textiles with her friends at Retro Den and on Etsy and has transformed it into a full time job teaching workshops, making custom commissioned pieces and opening a showroom as part of the Studios at Retro Den.  We talk handmade vs. mass produced vs. vintage and how each of those can fit into our homes.  Enjoy!

In this episode, we talk about:

House Sparrow Fine Nesting

HSFN Instagram


Baby Foot

Tasha Does Tulsa

This Land Press

The Tulsa Voice

First Street Flea

Darning Samplers

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