The Middle of Everything

The Middle of Everything

Ashley Palmer of Retro Den on Working with Baby, Decorating a Shared Space + Potty Training Struggles and OK Teacher Walkout Update - EPISODE 04

April 30, 2018

Sarah and Claire give a quick update on the outcome of the Oklahoma Teacher Walkout, and what comes next, then Sarah rants a bit about potty training.  More importantly, we talk with Ashley Palmer, co-owner of Retro Den, a vintage home store (and so much more) in Tulsa.  She shares pros/cons of having your baby at work with you, and gives some great ideas for creating a shared space with a toddler and her soon-to-arrive newborn.  Plus, a podcast ghost comes out of Sarah’s phone! Enjoy!

In this Episode, we talk about:

Retro Den Tulsa

Succulents at Retro Den

The Longest Shortest Time, It’s A Real Mother - Episode #143 about the Badger company’s Babies at Work program

Ashley’s DIY Sharpie Wall Graphic

Vintage Shopping around Tulsa

The Studios at Retro Den

Little Yellow Couch podcast with the Ashleys