Revolution and Ideology

Revolution and Ideology

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Squid Game is Anticapitalist. So What?
October 19, 2021

We discuss the Netflix series "Squid Game" and whether or not the fact that it's blatantly anticapitalist even matters.

The Invention of Tradition
October 13, 2021

We discuss the work "The Invention of Tradition" by famed historian Eric Hobsbawm.

Judas and the Black Messiah – Analysis
October 04, 2021

Become a Patron With special guests Stefan and Donte we discuss the Shaka King film "Judas and the Black Mes

Desmond Morris, The Human Zoo, & The Stimulus Struggle
September 28, 2021

We discuss the concept of the "stimulus struggle" from Desmond Morris' 1969 book "The Human Zoo."

The Liberatory Potential of Psychedelics
September 08, 2021

We continue our conversation with Jonathan Dickinson and Dimitri Mugianis and discuss the liberatory potential of psychedelics.

Psychedelics as Tools of State Violence with Jonathan Dickinson and Dimitri Mugianis
August 31, 2021

With guests Jonathan Dickinson and Dimitri Mugianis, we discuss the history of the state's use of psychedelic drugs as a tool of oppression and control. Show notes at

Our 100th Episode!
August 20, 2021

We spend our 100th episode discussing our favorite episodes, how we select our topics, and what's next for the program.

Nick on the Chiwi Journal Podcast
August 09, 2021

Nick appears as a guest on the Chiwi Journal Podcast.

The Confederate Flag is a Symbol of White Supremacy
August 03, 2021

We discuss the Confederate Flag (specifically the Battle Flag).

Human Nature – Real Life Lord of the Flies
July 27, 2021

We discuss the problems with the assumption that humans are naturally greedy and selfish, it's just not true as proven by a real-world Lord of the Flies-type scenario.