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Reverie True Crime

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90. The Pikeville Six: Murders of the Lillelid Family
November 15, 2021

Six teenagers, desperate to depart from their unhappy lives in Kentucky, got together to travel to New Orleans, Louisiana. The car they were in wasn’t going to make the whole trip. The teenagers agree

89. Curtis Flowers and the Tardy Furniture Murders
November 08, 2021

Curtis Flowers was taken into custody and convicted in 1997 for the quadruple murders that happened inside the Tardy Furniture store in Winona, Mississippi in 1996. The circumstantial evidence was wea

88. Halloween Murders: Murder of Trans Woman Candace Towns | Teen Trans Murderer Andrea Balcer feat. Beyond the Rainbow
October 31, 2021

Welcome to our last October episode collab! First, I’ll tell you about the murder of Candace Towns. She lived in Macon, Georgia and went missing. On Halloween she was found by public workers… Next,

87. The San Antonio Four: Wrongfully Convicted feat. Beyond the Rainbow
October 25, 2021

Welcome to episode four of this October sinister series with me and my amazing friend C.J. from Beyond the Rainbow: True Crimes of the LGBT! For 20 years, Elizabeth Ramirez, Kristie Mayhugh, Cassan

86. Missing: Sage Smith of Charlottesville, Virginia
October 21, 2021

19-year-old Sage Smith was on her way to meet 21-year-old Erik McFadden for a date on the evening of November 20th, 2012. Her stepsister is sure she saw her around 6:40PM on the phone, down the street

85. Witchcraft and Witch Cult: Attempted Murder of Kevin Miller and Murder of Sydney Loofe feat. Beyond the Rainbow
October 18, 2021

We’re back with episode three of our sinister series! First, I’ll tell you the story of a woman who was inspired by Practical Magic to kill her husband via witchcraft. C.J. will be telling you about

84. Missing: LaShaya Stine of Aurora, Colorado
October 14, 2021

In July of 2016, 16-year-old LaShaya snuck out of her house. She left everything behind that one would take if they planned to run away. Everything indicated she planned to come back home. What happen

83. Vampires: The Murders of Stacey Mitchell and Edward Baldock in Australia feat. Beyond the Rainbow
October 11, 2021

For this episode, we’re headed down under. First, C.J. tells the first story of Stacey Mitchell being murdered by her fake friends. 19 year old Valerie Parashumti, was a sexually-motivated sadist wh

82. MMIW: Aubrey Dameron
October 07, 2021

On March 9, 2019 in Grove, Oklahoma a trans woman from the Cherokee Nation went missing in the middle of the early morning and has yet to be found. Where is Aubrey Dameron? Someone knows something. I

81. Salem Witch Trials and Medieval Witches of Europe feat. Beyond the Rainbow
October 04, 2021

Happy Spooktober!! This month C.J (from Beyond the Rainbow: True Crimes of the LGBT) and I will be giving you a sinister series! Today, I’ll be giving a brief overview of the Salem witch trials and C