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Retro Disney World Podcast

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85 - Mickey Mouse Revue
September 13, 2023

We take you back to an attraction and for our fans that wanted us to go way back, we are going way back. The Mickey Mouse Revue which opened October 1, 1971 last about nine years closing in the fall o

84.5 - DVC Feedback
August 08, 2023

So our last episode, Episode 84: Disney Vacation Club, we dug into the history of the vacation club and the original resort. Throughout this episode, we were able to discuss our personal experiences w

83.5 - Glowing in Timeless Places
July 03, 2023

Welcome to Episode 84 of the RetroWDW Podcast Episode 83.5 - Tammy Tuckey - We appreciate your support and hope you have been enjoying each and every episode. Be sure to check out some of our previous

84 - The Disney Vacation Club
June 09, 2023

For our main topic, we take you back to the late 80s and early 90s and get into the history of the Disney Vacation Club. We all know what the vacation club is nowadays, but how did it start, and why?

83 - The Disney Institute
April 18, 2023

In this episode, we go back to the mid-1980s when Michael Eisner decided to bring The Chautauqua Institutions blend of enrichment, entertainment, and fun back to Florida with a uniquely Disney touc

82 - Remembering Rolly
March 17, 2023

Welcome to another episode of the RetroWDW Podcast. We have quite a few things in the works, but we felt it was best to put those aside and focus on a Disney Legend who recently passed, Rolly Crump. I

81 - Wonders of Life Part IV - Cranium Command
February 08, 2023

We are heading back into the golden dome which is known as Wonders of Life. Over the months, we have taken you through many different episodes all about Wonders of Life including: Body Wars/Making of

80 - Holiday Time at WDW
December 20, 2022

Its the most wonderful time of the year again, and the RetroWDW crew is here with another festive holiday episode. Brian takes up back to the Walt Disney World in the early 1990s when the seasonal fe

79 - Wonders of Life Part III - Body Wars and Making of Me
November 23, 2022

Welcome to Episode 79: Wonders of Life Part III, which focuses on Body Wars & Making of Me. We continue on this epic journey through the golden dome and we have even more for you throughout this episo