RETROGASMIC Retro & Vintage Podcast!

RETROGASMIC Retro & Vintage Podcast!

Latest Episodes

Begging Bowl! The Recliner's new album drops Ep17.
April 29, 2019

We talk to the Recliner Rockers about their new album and get the exclusive on a chance to win the band playing live in your lounge!  We review "The Motherless Oven" by Rob Davis, Vintage Trivia and our B-Movie "The Monster that challenged the...

LES BAXTER - The Emperor of Exotica! Ep16.
April 20, 2019

Ep16. LES BAXTER - The Emperor of Exotica! We feature legendary exotica composer, arranger and band leader Les Baxter along with the return of Vintage Trivia, a chat with our roving reporter Winki and another B-Movie review!

20th Century Style Icons - The Guys! Ep15.
April 08, 2019

We take a look at the men who changed the way we defined Cool!  Rudolph Valentino, Cary Grant, Elvis, James Dean and David Bowie.

ONE MAN BANDS! Blues, Grooves & Lil' Chuck the One Man Skiffle Machine! Ep.13
March 05, 2019

We interview the fascinating Lil' Chuck who gives us the exclusive on a couple of tracks off his new album, and we feature songs by one man band legends Jesse Fuller, Vince Mondi and Don Partridge.

WOMEN OF ROCKABILLY - Wanda, Lorrie, Janice, Imelda and friends Ep12.
March 01, 2019

Dedicated to some of the ladies that made Rockabilly great, we play the music from the early days of Wanda and Bunny right through Imelda's rise to fame and to the present day!  Give it a share ladies!

MUSIC from the MOVIES! Hitchcock, Spaghetti Westerns, Mancini, Shaft! Ep.11
February 14, 2019

Eight classic pieces of music from some of the worlds greatest movies, introduced by D.D. Deluxe with his usual trivia laced banter!

SWING! Dancing, Big Bands, Joggling and the Flamingo Trot! Ep.10
February 01, 2019

SWING OUT SISTER!  We talk to Rob Bloom, the man responsible for the Swing dancing / Lindy Hop revival in Australasia in the mid 90's, Glenn Miller, The Andrews Sisters, Cab Calloway, Benny Goodman, Duke Ellington and Ella Fitzgerald! Vintage...

Recliner Rockers, Dreadlocks, Rockabilly and Instruments for Giants! Ep9.
January 15, 2019

We chat with New Zealand live legends RECLINER ROCKERS about their original music, Jools Holland, Nile Rodgers, Great music of the 1950's, living in Hollywood and the importance of great hair! Amazing retro Podcast! Free podcast!  We also...

STEAMPUNK! Jules Verne, Battle Croquet, Kat Douglas and Giant Motorized Teapots! Ep.8
January 08, 2019

We talk to the Queen of New Zealand Steampunk Kat Douglas about Jules Verne, Battle Croquet, Hats, Airships, Giant Motorized Teapots and how much fun it is being an eccentric!  Also Vintage trivia, and a very rare blues track from 1929...