RETROGASMIC: The Vintage & Retro Podcast!

RETROGASMIC: The Vintage & Retro Podcast!

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October 13, 2019

The classic icon of Americana - The American Diner.  It's history, the Music and art it's inspired and why this symbol of working class America still lives on, in every city in the world!

September 30, 2019

We chat to Martin "The Robot Man" Horspool, about his amazing career as an artist making over 350 incredible Robots out of relics from 1950's and 60's household objects, and about his sell out show in Manhattan and his upcoming week long exhibition in...

ECLECTIC LADYLAND!! The life of a vintage blogger Ep29.
September 24, 2019

We talk to Eclectic Ladyland's Natasha Francois about blogging from her her art deco cinema home, play music from The Retrobaits, Wanda Jackson, The Seeds, Frank Sinatra and the B52s as well as one of the best ever vintage trivia questions!

The name is Bond, JAMES BOND! Ep28.
September 13, 2019

James Bond Trivia, Music and a fascinating interview with the Warren Ringham, musical director of the world's foremost James Bond Music Extravaganza "Q The Music"

GROUP SOUNDS! Crazy Japanese late 1960's Rock Ep27.
August 27, 2019

Sit back and listen to some of the amazing GROUP SOUNDS bands of the late 1960's that changed the face of popular music in Japan and it's experimental sound still influences bands today. Marvel as we review "Invaders from Mars" (1953) and (hopefully)...

BETTIE PAGE - Queen of Pinups! Ep26.
August 14, 2019

We talk in depth with Bettie Page biographer Tori Rodriguez and musician and Bettie's nephew Ron Brem. A fantastic interview with two fascinating people who reveal some amazing details about the life of this pinup legend.

July 31, 2019

Elvis Aaron Presley. His life and music. We chat with leading Elvis Tribute artist Che Orton about life as an Elvis, and the upcoming major competition at Elvis' home, Gracelands.

July 19, 2019

Instrumental Surf Rock, Dick Dale, Bull Kelp Surfers Interview

Sure got the Blues (part two) Ep23.
July 08, 2019

In part two of our feature on the history of "The Blues" we move into the fascinating post-war era with music and from BB King, Bo Diddley, Stevie Ray Vaughn, Willie Dixon, Walter Horton, The Yardbirds and a whole lot more.

Sure got the blues - (part one) The Pioneers Ep.22
June 24, 2019

We take a look at The Blues, it's roots and history, and the pioneers of the music that influenced popular music as we now know it. Music by Bessie smith, T-Bone Walker, Mamie Smith, Cleo Brown Billie Holiday, Sonny Boy Williamson and more.