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Restory Show Resurrect: Jules Woodson
November 12, 2018

Although I’ve stopped production of the Restory Show, from time to time I will bring you interviews as God brings amazing people and their stories my way. Today’s bonus episode features one of those exceptional people and stories–sexual abuse victim ad...

Restory: The Final Episode
July 02, 2018

Today is the final episode of the Restory Show. Cue sadness! For many reasons, I felt like this season of interview podcasting has come to an end for me, particularly since the great majority of the stories were ones I personally vetted,

Jordan Fontenot
June 25, 2018

Jordan Fontenot is a friend and the son of one of my closest friends who died a few years ago. I wrote about Twilla here. Today Jordan talks about his own spiritual journey, how his mom’s diagnosis intersected that,

Crystal Stine
June 18, 2018

Crystal Stine is an amazing person with a vivacious personality and a heartfelt relationship with Jesus. She is honest, dedicated, and infectious (in a good way). She recently released a book: Holy Hustle: Embracing a Work-Hard, Rest-Well Life.

Kim Case
June 11, 2018

Kim Case is an incredible person I had the privilege of meeting in Missouri in the Spring. She endured one of the most horrific assaults as a young woman, and has spent her life speaking on behalf of victims.

Marilyn Weisenburg
June 04, 2018

Marilyn Weisenburg is a mom, a youth worker, and an artist who has an incredibly difficult story to tell about grief. It’s detailed more in her well-written memoir: Hear a mom’s story of walking through the loss of her son in Iraq.

Kimberly Dewberry
May 28, 2018

Kimberly Dewberry is a blogger who writes about the importance of recovery. She shares an amazing story of connecting (again) with her father, which is the subject of her latest book: Hear @Dewberry_author share an incredible story of re-connection wit...

Jodie Niznik
May 21, 2018

Jodie Niznik is an executive pastor at Irving Bible Church. She and I have been friends since I spoke at their women’s retreat a few years ago. We try to meet about twice a year over Mexican food to discuss our ministries, dreams, and theology.

Brandon Vestal
May 14, 2018

Brandon Vestal is a dear friend of ours. He accompanied Patrick and me (with his wife Vonda, who was also on the Restory show and spoke at the Restory Conference) to Montreal on a mission trip. He’s been a youth pastor,

Laura Husband
May 07, 2018

Laura Husband is a vocalist and speaker who lives in the Houston area. Fifteen years ago, she lost her father, Colonel Rick Husband, when the space shuttle Columbia crashed sixteen minutes prior to its intended landing.