Remembering the Days: A UofSC Podcast

Remembering the Days: A UofSC Podcast

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Remembering Havilah Babcock
November 16, 2021

For nearly 40 years, Havilah Babcock inspired students in his English classes with his "I want a word" course — and entertained outdoor enthusiasts with his tales of hunting and fishing. Reminders of

A natural history stroll across campus
November 02, 2021

Were there always so many squirrels on the Horseshoe? And how else has campus changed in the past 200 years in regards to insects, birds, snakes and such? Take a stroll with naturalist-in-residence Ru

South by southwest: USC‘s 1960s expansion
October 19, 2021

Like other universities across the nation, the University of South Carolina needed more land in the 1960s to keep up with skyrocketing student enrollment brought on by the Baby Boom. In a previous epi

Frat house blues: the 30-year ban on Greek letter organizations
October 05, 2021

In the late 19th century, students at South Carolina College who were stalwart members of the institution's two debate societies felt that their esteemed clubs were somehow threatened by the existence

Honeymoon suites: University Terrace Apartments
September 21, 2021

They were tiny, blazing hot in the summer and had more than their fair share of bugs, but the long-gone University Terrace Apartments were a first home for many married couples at the University of So

Harry Walker: the underdog who won
September 07, 2021

When students at the University of South Carolina elected a new Student Government president in 1971, the event made national news. That's because, just eight years after the university was desegregat

If it ain't swaying, we ain't playing: the evolution of South Carolina's football field and stadium
August 24, 2021

When the Gamecocks take to the football field every fall, Williams-Brice Stadium roars with the full-throated spirit of 80,000-plus diehard fans, a battalion of marching band members, cheerleaders, ba

What's in a name?
August 10, 2021

Since its inception more than 200 years ago, the University of South Carolina has had three different names and several nicknames. But Juliet was right — that which we call a rose by any other name wo

Heading East: the university's 1960s expansion
May 18, 2021

More than 50 years ago, the University of South Carolina expanded its campus eastward, building an 18-story dormitory/conference center in the middle of the University Hill neighborhood. Residents there protested the project, and students did, as well, i.

Tales from the President's House, part 2
May 04, 2021

Patricia Moore-Pastides and her husband, Harris Pastides, lived in the President's House from 2008 to 2019 with thousands of university students as their closest neighbors. As you might imagine, there were some interesting moments in those 11 years.