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Stronghold: The Bondage of Busyness
April 28, 2016

Brandi has a super big announcement today! Join and listen to both Beth and Brandi as they chat about God’s order.   Grab your favorite cup of whatever and join the conversation

Stronghold: You’re the Solution Not the Problem
April 21, 2016

Join Beth and Brandi as they chat about an excellent tool Beth discovered to help her get organized. Then they jump into Chapter 4 of the book Stronghold and discuss fighting the lies we tell ourselves in our mind.

Stronghold: Worth Loving
April 14, 2016

Beth and Brandi introduce you to their new children on todays podcast and then they jump right into the uh oh were going there moment of addressing the fear that were not worth loving, and Gods inability to not love us.

Stronghold: Friend for the Journey
April 07, 2016

Beth and Brandi open todays episode chatting about some unwanted guests in Beths home, but you wont want to miss Brandi talking about freedom from slavery and the friend who has walked her through it.

Stronghold: Authentic VS Counterfeit
March 31, 2016

Join Beth and Brandi as they chat it up over their favorite beverages today. Theyre laying the groundwork so you can identify Gods authentic stronghold of protection and the enemys counterfeit stronghold of destruction.

Stronghold Launch
March 24, 2016

Today Beth and Brandi chat about the one year birthday of the book Stronghold that reached #7 on Amazon’s new Christian releases for women’s issues. It was a grassroots launch time with an infant ministry and God did miracles. Brandi asks Bet

Struggle to keep love in relationships
February 14, 2016

Join Beth Kinder and Brandi Rennemeyer as they chat about the myths of love. With laughter and coffee they chat about communication, missed expectations, and the determination to keep healthy love in relationships.

The Faithfulness Of God
February 08, 2016

Join Beth Kinder and Brandi Rennemeyer as they chat over coffee about how is all began. Brandi interviews Beth and hears how faithful God was to see the vision of Remade come to pass and how He will be faithful in your God size dreams, too.

Accepting Our Children Right Where They Are
January 31, 2016

Join Beth Kinder and Brandi Rennemeyer talk openly and frankly about raising our kids and raising them and getting to a place where we are ok with out the inside of our families dynamics look like regardless of what the highlight reel of other lives look

Friendship A Safe Place
January 24, 2016

Join Beth Kinder and Brandi Rennemeyer as they talk about making friendship and creating a safe place to grow. Sometimes we have to become the friend we are longing for.